OrthoTexas Physicians and Surgeons, PLLC is a regional orthopedic practice comprised of orthopedic surgeons, physicians, physical and occupational therapists. The organization has eight locations in the North Texas area, dedicated to a positive patient journey from start of treatment through to full attainment of recovery goals.


In the highly competitive healthcare field, OrthoTexas is constantly battling to hire and retain healthcare and administrative talent. The HR and Finance teams needed an easy way to monitor and affect employee churn and rate of hiring. The company uses ExponentHR for its HRIS and Newton as its recruiting system.

OrthoTexas’ top reasons for choosing TrenData were:
• The ability to show historic trends for hiring and retention
• Visualization of tenure and location of key talent
• Easy import of data from existing systems
• The capabilities of predictive modeling to prescribe workforce remedies


The TrenData Analytics solution quickly provided the necessary visualization that allowed OrthoTexas to get a handle on their distributed workforce. Management was also able to use the solution to marry finance data with HR data to show revenue versus cost per employee and to see the effects of monthly hires and terminations.

The implementation delivered to OrthoTexas contained a dashboard with their 15 most standard and useful metrics, the ability to drilldown on each metric by department, location, or demographic, and trended analytics for the last 1-year, 3-Year, and 5-Year periods. The dedicated TrenData support team quickly answered what few questions the OrthoTexas users had.

The real keys for success at OrthoTexas were being able to provide focus on the company’s hiring and retention trends and to tie financial data to people data. The ability of the TrenData team to speak numbers directly to OrthoTexas’ management demonstrated the real ROI of the solution that was undeniable.


• Better visibility and insights to plan people decisions
• Ability to tie people data to financial data
• Centralized metric and analytics dashboard for one stop action

The next step for OrthoTexas is to directly integrate their ExponentHR HRIS system for real time updates with TrenData.


TrenData is a cloud based platform company that provides organizations the ability to generate advanced and predictive analytics by unifying and trending metrics from multiple HR software

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