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70% of Employees View New AI-Powered Workplace Technology Positively

By July 19, 2019July 30th, 2020blog

We’ve all heard the bleak predictions: somewhere in the future, actual people won’t have any work to do, because we’ll have been ousted from all our current jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered robots. 

As it turns out, while many people have expressed valid concerns about job security and a future skills gap, overall, the tide is turning when it comes to perception of AI.

A recent survey from Genesys challenged dire, anecdotal reporting, revealing that 70% of workers in the United States actually feel positively about new workplace technologies, like chatbots, robots, or augmented reality that involve AI.

And they don’t just feel good about it – 32% of respondents said they thought AI would actually have a positive impact on their job in the next 5 years.

“The AI wave has started indeed, but it will not be an overnight transformation,” said Shadi Zebian, TechGenies CTO. “This gradual adoption of AI gives everyone enough time to position themselves in the right place in order to extract the best out of it.”

Of course, not everyone had such a rosy outlook on AI. 5% said they dislike new technology for making their job less secure, and 19% worried AI could take over their jobs entirely.  

Overall, results indicate employees have a generally positive view of technology, and most appreciate its ability to enhance their jobs. That’s not to say there isn’t still a degree of uncertainty when it comes to the emerging technology: 27% of people said they couldn’t predict how AI would impact their jobs in five years. 

“Some jobs will evolve as human work combines with the capabilities of AI,” Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer for Genesys, said in a press release. “The key for organizations adopting this intelligent technology is to help employees understand its potential to make their jobs more fulfilling by taking the mundane, easily automated tasks off their plates. This opens the door for more employees to apply skills AI just can’t replace – like creativity, leadership and empathy.”

And for businesses, that positive application of AI all comes down to adept software and mobile app development that can leverage AI to enhance work employees are already doing, and free them up for higher-level tasks. 

“As businesses consider emerging technologies like AI for a strategic advantage, they’re increasingly looking to experts to help customize a solution that makes sense for their specific business,” Ahmad Al-Amine, TechGenies CEO said. “This might be the first time a business has incorporated an AI-powered tool into their solution set, but it’s certainly not the first time one of our Genies has developed AI.” 

TechGenies values AI development that makes a difference, not a deficiency, and can talk with you today about how you can augment your IT staff with TechGenies’ expert developers to make a positive impact on your business’ AI transformation. Contact TechGenies today to learn more:  




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