Educators Credit Union was founded by teachers, so members could borrow and save money at fair and reasonable interest rates. Educators members are students, government workers, healthcare employees, small business owners and many others of the community.  Educators started out operating under the guiding principle of “Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service.” That purpose and philosophy remains our foundation and guiding force today, along with our mission to help every member achieve his or her financial goals.


Educators was looking for a better read into the various aspects of their workforce.  Like many credit unions and banks, Educators has many part-time and entry level workers. Thus, there was a need for not only top line, but a more granular view to see if problems exist and what would be the best remedies for the various employee segments.  Educators turned to TrenData for a more holistic people analytics solution.

Educators top reasons for choosing TrenData were:

    • The ability to incorporate multiple data sources
    • Visualization and drilldown of key people metrics
    • Analytics that trend data and determine future direction
    • The capabilities of predictive modeling to prescribe workforce remedies



The TrenData Analytics solution quickly provided the necessary visualization that allowed Educators to get a handle on their multi-faceted workforce.  The ability to drilldown on performance and demographic information as well as turnover has provided has been hugely beneficial to quickly identify problem areas.

The implementation for Educators was done within a few days.  The metrics and analytics in Educators TrenData system come from three separate HR systems.  The personalized support was a real differentiator.

Educators plans to expand their use of TrenData by next implementing the predictive modeling capabilities.  Turnover will be the first model Educators builds out, but it will incorporate the effects of performance, commute distance, and salary.


    • Better visibility and insights to plan people decisions
    • Ability to incorporate all HR data sources
    • Centralized metric and analytics dashboard for one stop action
    • Trending and Insights for predictive action



TrenData is a cloud based platform company that provides organizations the ability to generate advanced and predictive analytics by unifying and trending metrics from multiple HR software applications.


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